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Bologna Experts Team in Poland


General information


The general objective of the project carried out in 2007-2013 was to support the reform of higher education (HE) system in Poland. The project was managed by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), the National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The main tasks of the Bologna Experts Team were:

  • to provide guidance to Polish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in introducing the National Qualifications Framework, designing study programmes based on learning outcomes and creating internal quality assurance systems;
  • to advise HEIs in matters related to recognition, such as ECTS, construction of course catalogues and issuing Diploma Supplement;
  • to offer expertise in subjects like building lifelong learning and internationalisation strategies of HEIs, student-centred learning, multidimensional transparency tools, universities’ 3. mission, social dimension.

The scope of Bologna Experts’ activities covered:

  • bologna seminars for HE sector and secondary schools;
  • advisory visits to HEIs and individual consultation;
  • publications on the premises of the Bologna Process.

All public seminars organised by FRSE were announced on the project’s website and all presentations delivered at these meetings were published on this website available for download.

Polish Bologna Experts Team was comprised of 23 experts nominated by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The list of Bologna Experts is here.



Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE)
National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme
Mokotowska 43, 00-551 Warszawa, Poland
Joanna Jóźwik
administrative coordinator
tel. +48 22 46 31 491
Katarzyna Lasota
tel. +48 22 46 31 246
Beata Skibińska
v-ce director for LLP-Erasmus
tel. +48 22 46 31 249